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Madden 08 Wii Family Play controls

Have you ever found yourself wanting to play a sports game, but were overwhelmed when trying to take in all of the complex controls? Well, EA Sports is looking to solve that problem with the introduction of a new feature, called Family Play, which will debut in this year’s Wii versions of Madden NFL 08, NBA Live 08, and FIFA Soccer 08. Gamers suing the Family Play setup need only use the Wii remote to play (as opposed to both the remote and Nunchuk attachment), and will only be in control of the major aspects of the game – shooting, passing, etc. The rest is controlled by the computer, allowing for anyone to dive in and focus on the real action without having to worry about the nuances of the game.

For more details, head over to Playfeed and get the full scoop.

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NBA Live LeBron over Duncan

The NBA Finals begin Thursday night, but Electronic Arts already has the outcome of the series, thanks to a simulation using NBA Live 07. The Spurs will take in the series and the championship in six games, with Tim Duncan being named MVP. It’s certainly a possibility, and actually one that matches my personal prediction. But then again, NBA Live 07 is a horrible basketball game, so I wouldn’t put much stock into what it says.

Only one game where LeBron scores more than 30? Bruce Bowen or not, I can’t see that happening – Tayshaun Prince may not be as good a defender as Bowen, but LeBron didn’t have much trouble lighting him up. It’ll be fun to see how the final scores stack up against the results from each of the simulated games, though.

The “highlights” from each game can be seen over at Playfeed.

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The immensely popular Madden football game franchise will be released on all major systems in August 2006.  The “Madden curse” has been well-documented by both NFL fans and video game fanatics.  Usually, a player with an outstanding year the season befoehand is selected and honored to be on the cover of the game for it’s newest edition.  For the most part, each player that has been on the cover had suffered a career low in performance, mostly due to injury.  Is it just coincidence or is the Madden curse legitimate?  Well, for the most part we can bet on Shaun Alexander having a bad year and taking the Seahawk offensive attack with him.  So it bears the question of which NFC team will be top dog this upcoming year?  Most preseason picks have the Carolina Panthers going back to the Super Bowl, but we will wait and see.  With the NFL draft over and a better sense of your team, give us your thoughts on why your NFC team is the team to beat or any other Madden concerns.

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PC game Baseball Mogul 2007So, are you a Kansas City Royals fan, or Tampa Bay Devil Rays fan with no hope to win your division?  Baseball Mogul is the game for you.  You don’t play as the players swinging at pitches or throwing pitches to the mound - instead, you take on the role of the manager and general manager.  You control the line-ups, trades, finances (including TV revenue, building new stadiums, concessions and ticket revenue) and your minor league franchises.  You keep track of the progress of your minor league prospects and you decide when to call him up to the big leagues.  This game even has historical rookies who you can draft.  All in all a fun game, especially for fans to re-create history - your team winning the pennant and build a dynasty.

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Mad Catz Oakland Raiders XBOX controller
I was at Best Buy earlier today, and ran across a cool product that I wanted to share.  Apparently, Mad Catz has licensing rights for not only NFL teams, but also for MLB, NBA, Batman Begins, and Fantastic Four.  Best Buy had the PS2 controllers for $24.99 and the XBOX controllers from $29.99.  For you sports fans out there who happen to like video games,  this would be very tempting to buy.

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Madden 2006The answer to that is: Not Me.  There are rumors circulating that bulldozer running back, Ladanian Tomlinson, has been offered the cover of Electronic Art’s next NFL game.  If history is to guide him, he should decline. 

The cover in 2001 (Madden 2002) had Eddie George on it in a career worst season, where he finished with 3.ZERO average yards a carry with only 5 TD’s (3.7 yrd/carry and 14 TD’s in 2000).  At least he wasn’t injured - unlike Dante Culpepper who was displayed on the following year.  The Viking’s QB went down early in what could’ve finally been a turnaround season for Minnesota.  Is it a curse? Ask Marshall Faulk who missed 6 games the very next season after coming off a Super Bowl.  Why not ask Michael Vick, who missed the whole season after suffering a knee injury in a pre-season game.  Better yet, all those in Philly know who was on the latest cover, check out the picture shown.  No amount of Chunky soup will bring him back to make the playoffs.  It may not be worth the endorsement if you believe in superstitions.