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EndScore Report: NFL Week 3 Predictions

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Michael Vick rolling over the New York GiantsIn this edition of EndScore Report, we handicap each NFL game for Week 3. There are some interesting games to look out for, such as the close-lined Atlanta Falcons visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Also, how will the presence of Michael Vick affect the game between his Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants? Give this prediction podcast a LISTEN and get your winners!


EndScore Report: How About Plaxico Burress?

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Where will Plaxico Burress play next season after serving time in prisonIn this edition of EndScore Report, DV and Chris look at the Plaxico Burress situation. Will he go to the Philadelphia Eagles? The New York Giants? Another team? And can Burress do what Eagles quarterback Michael Vick did and return to an NFL field after serving time in prison and excel? LISTEN TO THE DEBATE!

Michael Vick given franchise tag by the Philadelphia Eagles

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Michael Vick receives the Philadephia Eagles' franchise tagMichael Vick was given the franchise tag by the Philadelphia Eagles, showing the team's committment to the previously maligned quarterback. Vick has done a lot to overcome his dogfighting scandal and his play on the field and ability to stay out of trouble since being reinstated into the NFL has re-worked his image. In fact, Vick is set to appear on Oprah, a substantial way to change perception to mainstream America for Vick. Oprah Winfrey's opinion goes a long way. However, the Eagles didn't need her validation in understanding Vick's value.

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Tom Brady named AP Offensive Player of the Year

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Tom Brady named AP Offensive Player of the YearNew England Patriots QB Tom Brady was named AP's Offensive Player of the Year and there isn't much of an argument against it. Brady finished the season with 3,900 passing yards, completing 65.9% of this passes, throwing for 36 touchdowns with only four interceptions, and a 111.0 QB Rating. His touchdown-to-interception ratio of 9.0 is an NFL record. At one point, he threw 355 passes without an INT, which is an amazing feat. Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick finished second in the voting. Brady is the odds-on favorite to be named this past season's NFL MVP.

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NFC Wild Card Weekend Preview - Saints, Seahawks, Packers, Eagles

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Aaron Rodgers leads his Green Bay Packers during the NFC Wild Card weekendThe NFC Wild Card weekend kicks off with the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks mixing it up in the Great Northwest on Saturday, January 8th at 4:30PM ET. There has been much ballyhoo about the Seahawks making it into the postseason as NFC West division champions with a losing record (7-9), the first time that's happened in the NFL's history. Feel bad if you're a Tampa Bay Buccaneers or New York Giants fan, both of whom finished with 10-6 records, but because of the current playoff system will be watching instead of playing.

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True Predictions: Bengals, Kurt Warner, and the Underachievement Bowl

Posted by Frank Nevarez Categories: Editorial, NFL

Description Ouch, I go 1-4 this past weekend. Here are my excuses…I mean, reasons. A) I guess I can’t trust Bill Belichick as the New England Patriots lost to the Miami Dolphins, B) I should have known I couldn’t trust Wade Phillips and Tony Romo as the Dallas Cowboys lost to the New York Giants, C) I have to claim Thanksgiving turkey withdrawal for going with a Matt Ryan-less Atlanta Falcons over the Philadelphia Eagles (but was it visions of Xmas Past with Michael Vick?), D) Kurt Warner manned-up and the Arizona Cardinals are making the chase for the NFC crown a three-horse race. Only the Indianapolis Colts rang true and beat the Tennessee Titans. The season record runs to 36-26.

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I’d Much Rather Have Donte Stallworth In The NFL Than Michael Vick

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Donte Stallworth

Cleveland Browns WR Donte Stallworth was suspended indefinitely by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pending a meeting between the commissioner and Stallworth’s representatives.  Stallworth pleaded guilty to a DUI manslaughter charge for killing Mario Reyes on March 14 after a night of drinking in Miami Beach, FL.  Stallworth has started serving a 30-day sentence in jail, which will be followed by two years of house arrest, provisions for which Stallworth will be allowed to play football, and then eight years of probation.

Considering the indefinite suspension leveled on former NFL superstar QB Michael Vick for dogfighting and killing dogs, Goodell had to come down harshly on Stallworth who actually took a human life, however, by accident.  Stallworth acted stupidly and he knew it and knows it now.  There has been nothing but remorse on Stallworth’s part, even agreeing quickly with the deceased’s family on financial compensation, although, all the money in the world cannot replace Mr. Reyes.  From the beginning, Stallworth has been cooperative with law enforcement.  On the other hand, Vick tried to keep his illegal doings on the down low and has shown remorse only insomuch as to be able to get back on the football field.

Yes, what Stallworth did was incredibly stupid, incredibly dumb, and incredibly irresponsible.  However, there was no maliciousness in his action (and I pray for Mr. Reyes’ family), however, you cannot say the same for Vick.  I’m hoping Goodell allows Stallworth to take the field a lot sooner than he does Vick because despite being a Vick fan before all of this dogfighting mess and still believing he has useful talent in the tank left, I wouldn’t miss having an NFL without Michael Vick.  It’s been just fine without him.  What the NFL needs are more Stallworths that take responsibility for their actions no matter how stupid they were.

Football Returns to New Orleans

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The Saints are back home!The prodigal franchise has returned.

After a whole season playing “home” games at Baton Rouge, San Antonio, and even East Rutherford, the New Orleans Saints came back home last night to New Orleans’ Superdome, which suffered major damage due to Hurricane Katrina.  Due to many factors, including dealing with the destruction of a city, the constant traveling, and an empty place to call home, the Saints finished the 2005 season at 3-13.  After last night’s 23-3 win over the formerly undefeated Atlanta Falcons, the Saints have matched their total number of wins last season and are now atop the NFC South with a 3-0 record.

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